This is my beautiful friend and witchy mentor. I can highly recommend her Academy of which I am the very first member 😃

Wiccid Academy of Witchcraft & Magic – Wiccid

Doors to the next round of my Academy of Witchcraft & Magic are OPEN and we kick off on the Spring Equinox September 23rd.
During this 12 month online Apprenticeship you will step onto a magical path learning about witchcraft as well as how to find your own inner magic.

If you are spiritually minded, interested in things like crystals, chakras, ritual, herbs, cycles, deities, energy work (+ a gazillion other magical things) and how to step into your own power – Check out the Academy directly, see whats involved and read testimonials from current students:

Wiccid Academy of Witchcraft & Magic

If you are curious but unsure if this is the path for you then you might like to jump on my FREE training series: Your Journey to a Magical Life – to see if this could be for you.
Follow this link to my website:
Say YES to magic & be taken to the first in a series of 3 videos.
In video 1 I talk about how you get started on your own magical journey.

The next group intake will not be until March so if you have always been curious about magic, this just might be the time to explore this beautiful way of life further, Bella <3 * Study at your own pace anywhere in the world <3 * Optional mentor sessions available * Optional companion ritual kits available