Our project is underway for the Entrance to the Temple. Designing the drawings for the dragons that go on the bottom of the doors. The last photo show the design when finished. You will walk through there gates into the Temple.
Dragon represents Strength and Courage
There’s a lot of work to be done yet.
If at any time you would like to visit our Temple, we would love to see you here.
If you would like to help with any of our projects there is a small cabin for you to rest.
We have free Temple open day with a topic, on ways to heal, connect to like minded people. Join a Temple tea celebration held on last Sunday of month at 2-4pm.
Every Monday Taoist Yoga and Meditation
We have workshops and other events advertised.
On 8th October we have a workshop for Artist to all join together ,to paint, to share, to meet.Do your own painting on your own materials or you may contribute your talents on our Temple Doors or walls. Check our events on our page for further information.
Our front Entrance Gates will be getting a Dragon wall and big dragon over between the two small buildings later in the year, making this front entrance complete.
We welcome you to be part of our community project , a place of Sharing, Caring and Healing.
If you have a group or are part of a group we welcome you to visit.
If you teach we welcome you to join our space with your group. Offered for a small Temple Donation.
Donations to our Temple Project are most Welcome.
We are doing all the work from our own
finances. Your help is most appreciated.