♦️Sorry folks – a little LATE REMINDER!!! We had a pet emergency and I’ve been sidetracked with that – we just picked our little Frankie up from Gympie Vets after a scary 48 hours. I hate tick season 😢

Anyways, she’s home and well after I found her unable to walk or stand yesterday morning!! Thanks to the team at Gympie Vets for making her better again – honestly, amazing. We’re so thankful ❤️

♦️In pub news – ITS PARMY NIGHT TONIGHT!!!! $15 gets you a choice of 5 toppings on one of our delicious chicken breast schnitzels 😍😍😍

♦️DINE IN OR TAKE AWAY!!! Call 54821144 to book a table OR take yours home to eat on the couch!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼